Many companies reach a tipping point where the very tools that supported their business growth begin to hinder their ability to act with agility and insight. Work better together when you connect your people, processes, and systems all from one place.

Achieving revenue goals within organizations is realized through the need of innovative dynamic and agile use of business processes not just as a transport tool but in the running of normal day to day activities and business processes within the organization.

 Plan B Insurance Agency is registered under the Companies Act and is licensed by the Pensions and Insurance Authority of Kenya (AKI) to transact Life and Non-Life or Short-term Insurance services. Plan B Insurance Agency main business objective is to create a world class insurance Agency with excellent services.


We offer a complete range of insurance products that correspond to the needs of individuals, professional people and companies.

To provide superior insurance and risk management services to our customers in Kenya by offering outstanding customer service through utilization of skilled human resources.

To be the first choice provider of quality insurance and risk management services.

We employ a multi-faceted strategy that includes prudent organic and acquisition growth, conservative underwriting, pricing discipline, superior technological capabilities, efficient operations and conservative investing. This strategy allows us to achieve our longstanding goal to outperform the property and casualty insurance industry in terms of service.

Extended working hours support through working in shifts. This is in line with the government’s plan of making Kenya a 24 hour economy. This will cement the partnership with the client by ensuring that the client is assured of support regardless of the flexibility of their business hours. This support will benefit clients who are engaged in round the clock operations e.g. Transport companies, learning institutions by ensuring that delivery services failures are addressed promptly by the standby support professionals who are capable of delivering the support either onsite or remotely.

The Agency is committed and has set-up a dedicated professional team who do regular visits to the client to review, monitor & evaluate the product services in line with the client’s requirement and expectation. This team will play a vital role in enhancing the partnership between plan B insurance Agency & its clients.

The Agency focuses on filling the market gaps identified in the business operations hence offers a new and unique business solutions to the market.